Welcome to the Morrison County United Way Website!
Your story, OUR United Way!

Each of us has a story to tell. Woven together, the everyday stories of life in Morrison County become a rich fabric that cloaks our communities and warms our hearts. United Way is proud to have played a part in many great local stories . . .

People literally raising one another from the despair of inadequate housing
The simple pleasure of sharing a home-cooked meal with someone who’s had a run of bad luck
True joy, personal growth, and self-discovery—of both adult mentors and teen partners—through Kinship mentoring opportunities
A parent sharing quality time with his or her preschool-aged child over an open Imagination Library book

As long as there are people in need and opportunities to make a difference, there will be stories to tell. I sincerely invite you to continue fostering hope, vision and growth locally through our United Way and its 13 agencies. Thank you for sharing part of your story with our neighbors and friends!

Mission Statement
“To Increase the Organized Capacity of People to Care for One Another.”